04 January 2012

The Better Chocolate Whoopie Pie

Also known as moon cakes or mud pies, these little cakesters are yum yum yum. Since I am new to the whoopie pie making arena, I decided to go with the classic chocolate cake and marshmallow cream filling. Look below for the recipe!
IMG_4183 IMG_4198 IMG_4209 IMG_4218
classic whoopie pie recipe 



Celeste said...

Literally just pulled them out of the oven. Couldn't wait... Slapped one together and popped into mouth. Ga!!!!! They are so darn gooooood!
Thanks for the recipe. I'm taking them to my step son's basketball game. These will be the perfect follow up for sweaty and red-faced teenage boys.

Anonymous said...

What is the best way to store them?

Monique The Better Martha said...

So happy I could help!

Monique The Better Martha said...

An airtight container is a good way to go. I usually wrap them individually in parchment paper and put them into Ziploc bags. I keep them refrigerated and take them out a hour or so before I plan on eating them.