Travel Bucket List

1. Ride a Yak in Tibet
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2. Visit the Blue Grotto in Capri
3. Sit on the Edge of Preikestolen in Norway
4. Swim the world's largest swimming pool in Chile
5. Safari in Kenya
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6. Attend Carnival in Brazil
7. Visit Bora Bora
8. Walk the Great Wall of China
9. Ride a camel through the desert 
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10. See the the Northern Lights in Alaska
11. See the pink hues of Laguna Salada (in Spain)
12. Hike in the Grand Canyon
13. Release a floating lantern in Thailand
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14. Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain in Italy
15. Hold a baby tiger in Thailand
16. Bungee jump in New Zealand
17. Ride a vespa through Italy 
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18. Zorbing in New Zealand
19. Ascend Machu Piccu
20. Get a henna tattoo in India
21. Run with Bulls in Spain
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22. Zip Line in Costa Rica
23. Go down the Atlantis slide in Bahamas
24. Spend a night at Tree House Point in Washington
25. Learn to make pasta from scratch in Italy
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26. Soak in an Icelandic hot spring
27. Ride a gondola in Venice
28. Sunbath on the French Riviera
29. Visit Bolivian salt flats after it rains
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30. Visit the Sahara
31. Frolic among tulips in Holland
32. Admire the view from the Eiffel Tower
33. Visit the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine
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34. Play Blackjack in Vegas
35. Hot air balloon in Turkey
36. Visit Japan's Wisteria Tunnel
37. Swing the Edge of the World in in Ecuador
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38. Take a cliché tourist picture at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
39. Stand in the northern and southern hemisphere at the same time in Ecuador
40.  Walk among the California red woods
41. Take a blast to the past in Havana, Cuba
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43. Stroll through the Parthenon in Greece
44. Watch the changing of the guards in England
45. Have a friendly interaction with a Quokka in Australia
46. Watch a bullfight in Spain
47. Scuba dive off the coast of Fiji
48. See the pyramids in Egypt
49. Get a bargain deal in Ubud Market in Indonesia
50. Bamboo raft in Jamaica 

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