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The Better Inspiration Book

November 24, 2010

For ages I’ve been keeping books filled with swatches of fabric, patterns, and magazine pages. Everything in these books speaks (or spoke at one point) to me. Sometimes I don’t know why I am drawn to certain things, and I really don’t care. If it makes me stop and pause to think for a bit, I rip it out and glue it in. While it may be considered clutter, it is fun to keep them and see how I’ve changed. No longer are these books filled with images of tween models from Limited Too, but with images of style and sophistication. Who knows, maybe in 2012 I’ll be looking back on my current inspiration book wondering what the hell I was thinking.


The Better Way to Plan Ahead

June 25, 2010

Now that summer is here the days seem endless as I stay up until midnight and sleep in until noon. While I'm enjoying this unstructured time I refuse to let my summer go by without any sense of productivity. I've gone a bit overboard planning my days and mapping out my summer wardrobe.
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The Better Interview with O'Style Blogger

June 24, 2010

When I sent an e-mail to her begging to do an interview, I never really expected a response back, but she did! Who am I speaking about?! The splendidly stylish O’Style blogger! She was super sweet and I was so excited to interview her!

When you get up in the morning and look at the closet, how do you decide what to wear?
 Well, it depends on my mood but sometimes I prepare my outfit the night before in order not to waste time. 
When going out on the town do you usually change an outfit completely or do a day to night accessory swap?
  I used to change my clothes and accessories for a night out but sometimes in case I don’t have enough time I just go out with the day outfit.
How did you get into blogging? 
I am fashion adviser, so I just thought, why not? 

What makes you decide if a piece is worth investing a large sum of money on?
 A classic piece always is worth it. 

When you do “splurge” on an item do you usually cut back on shopping for a while, or are you a person to save for one specific piece?I
Spend on a very trendy item but only when it is cheap. And of course I save money for a specific and timeless piece.

If you had 10 seconds to grab a few prized possessions from your closet before a fire destroyed everything what would you grab and why?
 Nothing, my life is first!

How would you describe your style?
Classic and trendy at the same time. Anyway I am always drenching myself with any kind of inspiration to show it then in my personal look version.

Who takes your pictures?
 My friends, my sister and sometimes my mother.

Where do you think you developed your sense of style?
I think since I was a little brat… my mother is and my father’s mother was really elegant so I used to copy everything of them. 

If you had to shop in one store or wear one designer for the rest of your life you would…
Only one? I dare to say Lanvin.

You favorite accessory?

The piece you wear the most?
What is one trend or fashion mistake you wish would disappear?
Many! I am constantly learning of my own mistakes. 

Do you have a signature scent?
I do, Tartine et chocolat 

Do you prefer a large tote bag with everything you could possibly need and the kitchen sink, or a small clutch with the most essential items?
The second one.

What other fashion blogs do you read? 
My whole blogroll.

Do you listen to music when you get dressed? If so what artists/ songs?
 Not really but sometimes when I do, I listen whatever that makes me feel alive and give me energy so, can you imagine it?

You would never be caught dead in… 
I can’t think of anything right now… 

What are your fashion traveling tips? 
Be practical

Are you one to pack 5 pairs of shoes and 10 outfits for a weekend getaway?
No way