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The Better Quesadilla

January 27, 2012

In the post-school frenzy of afternoon hunger I whipped up this delicious plate of goodness. It was devoured within minutes, and the only reason pictures made it on here was because my camera was conveniently located in the kitchen. I normally go for the plain cheese quesadilla, but oh boy, today I learned what I have been missing out on. Have you ever wished you hadn’t eaten something so you could have the pleasure of eating it again? I was suffering from a serious case of that once my plate was empty. 
IMG_4915 IMG_4914 tumblr_lxrlc53YrK1qjm13f

The Better Way to Fix Your Duvet

January 20, 2012

Sewing machine 
 Thread that matches duvet cover 
 Scissors 4 pieces of 13 inch long ribbon 

 DIRECTIONS: 1. Turn duvet cover inside out 
 2. Locate extra fabric outside the seam (indicated by blue in picture above) 
 3. Sew center three inches of ribbon on the corner of duvet using Z stitch. (You should have three inches of unsewn ribbon on each side) 
 4. Repeat for the other three corners. 
 5. Tie ribbon to loops of comforter. (If your comforter does not have loops you will have to sew them on)
6. Tie ribbon to comforter loops then turn duvet right side out and shake toe even out.
IMG_4983 IMG_5002 IMG_5009 IMG_5013


The Better Peanut Buttery Cookie

January 16, 2012

IMG_4758 IMG_4737
Over the holiday break I learned that my very rational, very mature, older brother has the sweet tooth and will power of an 8 year old when it comes to cookies. Due to this revelation, I have become obsessed with perfecting the most classic cookies. I was very proud with the way these ones came out: crisp, buttery, and melt in your mouth with the perfect peanut flavor.
Peanut Butter Cookie


The Better Family Breakfast

January 14, 2012

IMG_4765 IMG_4766
Every other Saturday is pancake day in the Bartley household. With The Better Dad off from work we can sleep in, eat a late breakfast, and pass out in the living room. This past weekend was extra special because my brother and his girlfriend were home to add to the long breakfast conversation and listen to my dad’s (mostly exaggerated) stories. 
Warmed syrup, scrambled eggs, a berry salad, and some of the most delicious sausages I have EVER tasted were served along side my fluffy pancakes. The mango and apple sausage were a perfect balance of sweet and salty to round out the meal. 

The Better Way to Give a Onesie

January 07, 2012

Last year my favorite faculty member from school moved to the east coast with her husband. I was so sad because it would mean no more chats in-between classes, and there would be no one to bring cookies to. While we don’t talk every day and I do miss her like crazy, yesterday I was so excited to learn that she’s expecting a baby boy. As a big fan of homemade creativity, this was an opportunity to break out my fabric pens and go to town.
IMG_7417 IMG_7406
{"Je suis un petit garcon" which translates to "I am a small boy"}
IMG_7438 IMG_7420 IMG_7418


The Better Chocolate Whoopie Pie

January 04, 2012

Also known as moon cakes or mud pies, these little cakesters are yum yum yum. Since I am new to the whoopie pie making arena, I decided to go with the classic chocolate cake and marshmallow cream filling. Look below for the recipe!
IMG_4183 IMG_4198 IMG_4209 IMG_4218
classic whoopie pie recipe