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The Better Way to Fix Your Duvet

January 20, 2012

Sewing machine 
 Thread that matches duvet cover 
 Scissors 4 pieces of 13 inch long ribbon 

 DIRECTIONS: 1. Turn duvet cover inside out 
 2. Locate extra fabric outside the seam (indicated by blue in picture above) 
 3. Sew center three inches of ribbon on the corner of duvet using Z stitch. (You should have three inches of unsewn ribbon on each side) 
 4. Repeat for the other three corners. 
 5. Tie ribbon to loops of comforter. (If your comforter does not have loops you will have to sew them on)
6. Tie ribbon to comforter loops then turn duvet right side out and shake toe even out.
IMG_4983 IMG_5002 IMG_5009 IMG_5013


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