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The Better Homemade Peach Ice Cream

June 24, 2015

I’ve been living in New York for almost three years now, and I only just realized that there is a Costco not too far from where I live. For some reason, I was under the impression that the only Costco in New York was on 116th and 1st, tucked away in the one corner of the city that is nearly impossible for me to access. When I found out that free samples and obscenely large cheese bricks were only a 30-minute train ride away, it felt like a message sent from the heavens.
I bought a box of these peaches which are so unbelievably delicious, and let them ripen for a couple of days before turning them into even sweeter, more delicious ice cream. Though a bit time consuming, the process is super easy and calls for missed episodes of your favorite show to help pass the time.

The Better Thai Tea With Boba

June 18, 2015

I have been meaning to make my own Thai iced tea with boba for the longest time. In fact, I bought the ingredients about 6 months ago. I just never got around to it until this week when the temperatures in New York skyrocketed, and I was in desperate need of something cool and refreshing.
After making it for the first time this past weekend, I can officially say that I waited far too long. I can also make a serious promise to myself that I will not spend any more money buying bubble tea when I can make it at home with little effort.

Better Tips for Organizing Your Closet

June 15, 2015

Taking the time to clean and reorganize my closet is a project that is long overdue. When my bed is made and my closet doors are closed, I can easily fool people into thinking that I totally have my shit together. However, when those accordion doors are pulled back, the hot mess truth comes pouring out.
So in the spirit of honesty and self-improvement, I’m sharing my dirty laundry (haha get it?) on the internet for all to see. The real first step of this project is to put on some good music (or maybe pour yourself a tall glass of wine) before taking everything out of your closet.
And when I say everything I mean it (except for my suitcases because they just have more suitcases stuffed inside).

The Better Tips for Perfecting a Homemade Cake

June 09, 2015

1. Bring ingredients to room temperature. This is always the hardest part for me because my desire for baking is usually spontaneous, so planning ahead to take ingredients out of the fridge is never convenient. There are a few tricks though; you can heat the milk in a microwave for a few seconds to take the chill off; place the eggs in a warm (not hot) water bath, and cut the butter into small pieces so they soften faster.
 2. Take the time to sift the dry ingredients. I almost always skip this step. No matter what I’m making, sifting flour is so annoying that I never bother to do it. However, when I really need to be assured that my cake will be perfection, then I’ll go through the extra trouble. If I’m making a delicate genoise or angel food cake, then sifting is a must because it incorporates a lot of air and prevents the batter from deflating as I fold in the flour.