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Better Tips for Organizing Your Closet

June 15, 2015

Taking the time to clean and reorganize my closet is a project that is long overdue. When my bed is made and my closet doors are closed, I can easily fool people into thinking that I totally have my shit together. However, when those accordion doors are pulled back, the hot mess truth comes pouring out.
So in the spirit of honesty and self-improvement, I’m sharing my dirty laundry (haha get it?) on the internet for all to see. The real first step of this project is to put on some good music (or maybe pour yourself a tall glass of wine) before taking everything out of your closet.
And when I say everything I mean it (except for my suitcases because they just have more suitcases stuffed inside).

Most magazines say this is the part where you have to try everything on. I think that doing so is a waste of time. Everything that I wear on a regular basis like my jean jacket, my all time favorite pants, and blouses I’ve worn multiple times within the last two weeks I hang up and put back right away. The majority of what’s left on my bed is what I try on. You really have to be honest with yourself about what doesn’t fit…like these high waisted jeans. It takes me a solid 2 minutes to wiggle into them, and I can only wear them when standing because when I sit down, they dig into my flesh and I feel like I’m being severed in half. If it’s too small toss it or else it will haunt you every time you reach past it. Your self-confidence is worth way more than a few items of clothing. 

Also assess what can look amazing with a little help from a tailor. Perhaps something is a little too loose or a bit too long. Those are easy and inexpensive fixes.

And while you’re separating your clothes, find a nice storage bin for things that you won’t wear during the season. I use this trunk I’ve had since my freshman year of college to store my scarves, jackets, and sweaters that won’t be making an appearance during the summer.
Using these great hangers, I keep like things together. Going from left to right I have short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, light jackets, short skirts, long skirts, pants, jeans, and then dresses grouped by sleeve length. I use my trunk as a little shoe shelf, and squeezed my laundry bag next to it.
In an effort to tackle my chaotic heap of handbags I bought a little metal shelf from The Container Store that fits everything perfectly.
Ever since I did this closet makeover, getting dressed in the morning is a breeze! I open my closet doors and am greeted by all my favorite clothes that fit me perfectly. So maybe if you find yourself saying, “I have nothing to wear” almost every day, try organizing a bit before you hit Macy’s.

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