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The Better Way to Revisit Childhood

March 28, 2012

A couple weeks ago I was in my local craft store trying to get ideas for a fun project to do while the Los Angeles rain clouds wreaked their havoc. While I saw many great things, something that caught my eye was a huge box of sidewalk chalk. Instantly memories of 1st grade rushed into my mind. Playing hopscotch, drawing elaborate murals that would be hosed down by the janitorial staff at night, and getting colorful smears of chalk over my uniform. Though there was no chance of me getting to use my purchases immediately, I couldn’t help but buy boxes and boxes of chalk.
{Follow the road your heart desires because the Yellow Brick Road is overrated}


Towards the end of recess, my 1st grade self and my best friends (who I still am good friends with) would marvel at our work and then make a wish as the fairy dust (chalk dust) would swirl around us in the wind.


{"Fairy dust"}


The Better Book Club Read

March 25, 2012

Usually I’m not a big fan of Young Adult literature. Most of the time I find it funny (in a tragic way) how adults choose to portray teenagers. Of all the books I’ve read, the only author that creates realistic teen characters as well as John Green is J.D Salinger. I don’t want to describe the book for fear of giving away the fantastic plot, but if you want to know more about it click here. For the skeptics out there, I will say that if the main characters were not teenagers this book probably wouldn’t be a YA novel. If you are not a fan of reading, then perhaps you should listen to it (as I did) by downloading the audio book from I’m not a person who cries during movies, plays, or books, but this story got me (and some of my book snob friends). Here are some reviews so if you don’t believe what I have to say you can check it out for yourself!

The Better Chocolate Chip Muffins

March 21, 2012

For the last two weeks The Better Mom and Dad have been cleaning out our cluttered, three car garage. Since I opted not to help them out with this little huge project, I decided the least I could do was feed the hungry workers. Nothing too fussy, and nothing that required them to sit down at the kitchen table. These chocolate chip muffins were the perfect solutions. Our garage is so clean and spacious that when you talk your voice echoes all around.
IMG_7832 IMG_7820 tumblr_m13oshBy8O1qjm13f


The Better Way to Order Chocolate

March 16, 2012

I just discovered this amazing website that allows you to customize your chocolate bar! You get to chose from white, milk, or dark chocolate bars before adding your own decorations and toppings! This is perfect for the person who wants something sophisticated like dark chocolate with cayenne pepper, or the person like me who enjoys loading up her chocolate with more chocolate and candy.
{For a friend who had a birthday I ordered this one}
{Back of chocolate bar}
{I ordered this pretzel, cookie dough, white chocolate, graham  cracker, and marshmallow chocolate bar for myself}


The Better Martha & the Massive Sugar High

March 14, 2012

I’m all about simply understated, but sometimes bigger really is better. For a person with a wild gummy candy obsession I created the ultimate birthday gift! Of course being around so much candy meant helping myself to all the leftovers. I'm convinced that I developed a full blown cavity in one evening.
The glass jars and scooper were purchased from the container store, and I got the candy from a wonderful boutique candy store in Los Angeles!

Layer 1: Sour peaches/ Layer 2: Sour apples/ Layer 3: Gummy frogs/ Layer 4: Gummy snake/ Layer 5: Gummy bears/ Layer 6: Gummy dolphins

Layer 1: Gummy butterflies/ Layer 2: Gummy worms/ Layer 3: Gummy frogs/ Layer 4: Sour apples/ Layer 5: Sour peaches/ Layer 6: Gummy lobsters


The Better Martha Races for the Cure

March 11, 2012

The day has just begun and already it is off to a fabulous start! Bright and early this morning I laced up my sneakers and met my friends at Doger Stadium to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for Cure. The energy was great, everyone was super friendly, and there was pink EVERYWHERE! We didn’t run the whole thing, just the second mile, but I still feel accomplished.

{Me and ma gurlz: Natasha, Olivia, and Mackenzie}

{We made promises to ourselves}
Me: To run 4 miles before college!
Olivia: To run the MUD RUN!
Mackenzie: To never give up!!! And run the mud run

I have found a new love of races. I will be doing the Color Run next month with Olivia and Mackenzie.