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The Better Martha & the Massive Sugar High

March 14, 2012

I’m all about simply understated, but sometimes bigger really is better. For a person with a wild gummy candy obsession I created the ultimate birthday gift! Of course being around so much candy meant helping myself to all the leftovers. I'm convinced that I developed a full blown cavity in one evening.
The glass jars and scooper were purchased from the container store, and I got the candy from a wonderful boutique candy store in Los Angeles!

Layer 1: Sour peaches/ Layer 2: Sour apples/ Layer 3: Gummy frogs/ Layer 4: Gummy snake/ Layer 5: Gummy bears/ Layer 6: Gummy dolphins

Layer 1: Gummy butterflies/ Layer 2: Gummy worms/ Layer 3: Gummy frogs/ Layer 4: Sour apples/ Layer 5: Sour peaches/ Layer 6: Gummy lobsters


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