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The Better Way to Revisit Childhood

March 28, 2012

A couple weeks ago I was in my local craft store trying to get ideas for a fun project to do while the Los Angeles rain clouds wreaked their havoc. While I saw many great things, something that caught my eye was a huge box of sidewalk chalk. Instantly memories of 1st grade rushed into my mind. Playing hopscotch, drawing elaborate murals that would be hosed down by the janitorial staff at night, and getting colorful smears of chalk over my uniform. Though there was no chance of me getting to use my purchases immediately, I couldn’t help but buy boxes and boxes of chalk.
{Follow the road your heart desires because the Yellow Brick Road is overrated}


Towards the end of recess, my 1st grade self and my best friends (who I still am good friends with) would marvel at our work and then make a wish as the fairy dust (chalk dust) would swirl around us in the wind.


{"Fairy dust"}


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