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The Better Source of Electrolytes

July 24, 2012

I would like the world to know that I was in love with coconut water far before the media started hyping it up and before Rihanna started plastering her face all over those little cartons. For as long as I can remember, my father has used a machete or a cleaver knife to cut them open in our garage. Honestly, I'm shocked he still has all his fingers.
IMG_9590 IMG_9604 IMG_9607
There is nothing more refreshing when the California heat reaches the hundreds than cold, fresh coconut water--a light nutty flavor with the perfect hint of sweetness. OMG. Perfection!
And for the health nuts (pun intended) who must have another reason for consuming something other than the pure delicious factor, coconuts are a really good source of electrolytes and potassium. My dad said so, and he's a doctor. So there.


The Better Yellow Cake with Salted Chocolate Coffee Frosting

July 17, 2012

Making cakes have never been my forte. They require a level of patience that really doesn't come naturally to me. Seriously, I've always been the kid that asks "are we there yet?" a thousand times on a trip to the local mall, so imagine me waiting for a cake to cool...
On top of that I'm a pretty spontaneous baker, rarely do I plan what I am going to make or when I will do it. Setting out ingredients to be brought up to room temperature was one of those steps I've always skipped (and is a factor in my unsuccessful cake making career). 
But for the first time I did things right. I set out the butter, eggs, and milk to warm up, I sifted all the dry ingredients, I added the eggs one at a time, and scraped down the bowl after each addition. In essence, I did everything that I'm supposed to do...hence the messy kitchen. I have found that the messier the kitchen the yummier the food (which is why I don't trust people who cook yet have pristine kitchens).
I chose this cake specifically because it calls for cake flour which was all I had on hand. I snagged the recipe for the cake from Smitten Kitchen (I have a major girl crush on this woman), however the chocolate frosting recipe is mine. 
IMG_9630 IMG_9641 
The cake was beautiful without the sprinkles, but you know me, I just love adding a feminine touch anywhere I can. 
IMG_9688 IMG_9696 
I like love the cake and frosting combo. Yellow cake tends to come out dry and crumbly, but this recipe results in a delicioulsy moist cake that's not saccharine sweet. In order to elevate the sophistication of a butter cream frosting I used coffee leftover from my parents breakfast and some kosher salt to intensify the chocolate flavor. I like that the frosting went on smoothly allowing for a thin coat since I hate thick layers of frosting. It was a major exercise of my willpower to not eat more than one slice. Thankfully my Dr. Daddy will be taking the rest of the cake into work as a treat for his nurses. 
IMG_9651 Dad Eats Cake

Right when Dr. Daddy came home from work he was greeted with a plateful of cake. I think it is HILARIOUS the way he still inspects my food carefully (left picture) before he's willing to take a bite. I don't know why though, I mean look at that happy food face (right picture). Heehee. I don't think he knows I caught that on camera.

The Better Bought of Wallet Love

July 16, 2012

When it  comes to wallets I'm a pretty fickle person. In a short period of time I went from a silver Marc Jacobs, to a black Kate Spade, to a yellow Marc Jacobs. And now that I've seen this beauty, I'm ready to change again. This is not a cheap obsession, my friends, but I justify it by thinking about how frequently I use my wallet, and how often other people see it. See what I mean? It's totally justified now, isn't it?
Aside from being utterly adorable, here is everything that makes this wallet a winner!
ted baker wallet

The Better {Dorm} Room of the Week

July 09, 2012

With the shift in direction that my blog is taking, I thought it would be appropriate to start scouting dorms that I love. Here is one of them. This dorm is that of a junior attending George Washington University. It just goes to show that living in cramped quarters is no excuse for a less than glamourous living. 
the better dorm room of the week
*Original photo taken from UScoop

The Better Things I'm Lovin'

July 06, 2012

{Blog editing on double screens}
Alexander McQueen Scarf 
{My new Alexander McQueen scarf}
{Ryan Gosling Hey Girl}
Target Cards Color 
{Colored multipack blank notes from Target}


The Better 4th of July Fashion

July 03, 2012

The 4th of July is near and that means parties and backyard BBQs a plenty. Any get-together where the guests color coordinate will rank highly on my list, plus there is usually a barbecue. And fire works. I like fireworks. Luckily I have outgrown the unattractive habit of smearing grease on my white pants to clean my hands, but for those of you who haven't, there are some non-white options as well.