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The Better Way To Upgrade Your Ramen

January 29, 2014

The biggest problem I've been facing is my growing dislike for ramen noodles. I'm well aware that my current life struggle can be classified as a first world problem, but honestly, as a college student, there is nothing that beats the convenience and price of this chemical laden, nutritionally lacking food product. 
I've come up with an idea to upgrade ramen since the seasoning is usually too salty and very suspicious--I mean come on, shrimp flavoring that comes in a little packet? Sketchy. 
Upgrade Your RamenStep1-SauteeVeggies
1: Sauté some veggies of choice while you microwave the noodles (make sure to leave out the seasoning).
Step 2-Add Noodles
2. Add noodles to the cooked veggies.
Step 3-Add Flavor 
3. Add seasoning or sauce of choice (I used sesame salad dressing). A soy ginger sauce or a peanut sauce could also be a good alternative.

The Better Home Made Citrus Lip Scrub

January 20, 2014

Open Jar Scrub INTRO
'Tis the season of cold weather and harsh winds. 'Tis also the season for horrendously dry, cracked lips. After a close inspection of my face in a light magnifying mirror (the worst invention ever), I realized that my lips were in worse condition than I initially thought. I threw some household ingredients together and came up with a couple great lip scrubs.
Scrub Elements 1and2 
coconut oil/ adding sugar

The Better Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries

January 14, 2014

Sweet Potato Fries With Crispy Edges
Haha. Remember that time approximately 2 weeks ago when we all had an outrageously optimistic view of 2014? We promised ourselves not to stuff our faces with chocolate and to stop wasting our days by binge-watching deliciously bad dramas on Netflix? Well my friends, hopefully, your willpower has outlasted mine. If you have managed to stick to your rigorous work out plans and a strict diet of kale and lemon infused water, you are probably dying for something salty and delicious at this point.
Peel potatoes
Peel those 'tatoes

I care about you too much to let you sabotage yourself; sweet potato fries strike the perfect balance between eating every salty, carb-y treat within reach and gnawing on a celery stick. 
Cut potatoes into fry shape
Now slice 'em up

Granted the peeling and slicing process isn't too fun, so I recommend using your beauty and charm to trick someone else into doing the grunt work. Make sure that whoever does the slicing doesn't cut the potatoes too thin (or they'll burn) or too fat (they will get soggy). You want them the perfect size for shoving fistfuls into your mouth.
Coat with Constarch
Add a bit of cornstarch to absorb moisture from the potatoes, and allow for them to crisp.

Cornstarch is a crucial componenet that no one will taste when consuming fries. I guess you can say the cornstarch is kind of like the Gayle of the Oprah empire-- the necessary presence that no one cares about.