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The Better Home Made Citrus Lip Scrub

January 20, 2014

Open Jar Scrub INTRO
'Tis the season of cold weather and harsh winds. 'Tis also the season for horrendously dry, cracked lips. After a close inspection of my face in a light magnifying mirror (the worst invention ever), I realized that my lips were in worse condition than I initially thought. I threw some household ingredients together and came up with a couple great lip scrubs.
Scrub Elements 1and2 
coconut oil/ adding sugar

3 and 4 
lemon and rosemary/ adding ingredients

5 and 6 
a squeeze of honey/ mix in the ingredients
You can also use regular granulated sugar. Just be sure that you don't add too much coconut oil. No matter what sugar you use, make sure that the mixture is a very thick past so the sugar does not dissolve. 
7 and 8
sticking a pin in vitamin E oil pill/ squeeze gel into the mixture

 9 and 10
chopped mint/ peppermint extract

11 and 12
mint and citrus elements / cute jar and label

Lip Scrubs In JarOpen Jar Scrub

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Looks wonderful! Hope I can make this (hard to get certain ingredients for me) do you have one without lemon? also is the smell strong as well? My friend is quite sensitive (to a lot!) and I don't think lemon would be good for her :P

    Thanks! going to try more of your DIYs for myself :)

    Hope to hear from you! hmm not sure where to leave my email! Ill check back here :)


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