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The Better Way To Upgrade Your Ramen

January 29, 2014

The biggest problem I've been facing is my growing dislike for ramen noodles. I'm well aware that my current life struggle can be classified as a first world problem, but honestly, as a college student, there is nothing that beats the convenience and price of this chemical laden, nutritionally lacking food product. 
I've come up with an idea to upgrade ramen since the seasoning is usually too salty and very suspicious--I mean come on, shrimp flavoring that comes in a little packet? Sketchy. 
Upgrade Your RamenStep1-SauteeVeggies
1: Sauté some veggies of choice while you microwave the noodles (make sure to leave out the seasoning).
Step 2-Add Noodles
2. Add noodles to the cooked veggies.
Step 3-Add Flavor 
3. Add seasoning or sauce of choice (I used sesame salad dressing). A soy ginger sauce or a peanut sauce could also be a good alternative.
Final Result
Enjoy it hot or cold!

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  1. Ha ha ha I'm in the same boat, on the other coast. San Francisco is an expensive place to live so meals, especially at work, need to be healthy, quick and cheap!

    I love ramen and found a great store in our Chinatown that sells little rounds of Egg Ramen for 3 dollars, for a package of 22 of them! Just an FYI that there can be other sources for ramen that don't include that evil packet of death, er...'seasoning'.

    What I do at work, since we don't have a stove, is put my ramen round in a bowl, cover it with about 1 cup of frozen veggies, then pour boiling water to cover everything and let it set for about 5 minutes. (Can't wait for summer and some farmer's market fresh veggies to return!)

    Strain off the water and add a sauce. My favorite is just sesame oil, a little bit of salt and some pepper. But they sell Stir Fry, Teriyaki, etc.


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