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The Better Way to Make a Salad

April 04, 2012

It’s 4 months into the new year and I’ve started to become one of those odd people who actually enjoys running and eating vegetables. Ever since I started eating these massive salads every day, I have been irritated by the prep work they take in the morning before I head off to school. It wasn’t until I found this idea on Pinterest that my salad woes faded away. I learned that by layering salads with the wet things on bottom and the leafy greens on top I could prevent a soggy, wilted salad. In my salad I put the dressing, chicken, sauteed mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes at the very bottom. Next I layered carrots and cucumbers to keep the leafy greens away from the wet items. Salads can be prepared up to a week in advance without losing freshness. 
IMG_8088 IMG_8090
I purchased these huge mason jars from Michaels Craft Store, but they can be bought almost anywhere. I like the largest size because it fits a really big salad. IMG_8100


  1. Wow! What a great tip to prepare a salad in a mason jar. Can they really be good a week later? That's awesome if they can!! I need to pick up some of those jars, then *hopefully* I won't be lazy anymore to eat healthy! Your salad ingredients look yummy~

    1. Yep a whole week, I swear it! As Queen Lazy, I know every trick to doing as little as possible!


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