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The Better Martha & Friends Do The Color Run

April 24, 2012

This past weekend Mackenzie, Olivia, and me participated in the 2012 Irvine, CA Color Run. They really are not kidding when they say that it is the happiest 5k on the planet. For those of you who want to know more about the color run, watch this video, and if you ever have the opportunity to participate DO IT! 
{Such a colorful group of ladies!}

{Clean, shiny, and ready to go! Look at me bringing back the fanny pack.}

{You could see the clouds of color from so far away!}

{After the first color tunnel: yellow}

Because we all were very late a tad tardy we got to go in the last group where they just dump all the leftover powder on you. This was definatly the way to go since we all said we wanted to be covered from head to toe. 

{Olivia after the second color tunnel: green}

{The Better Martha and Mackenzie at the third color tunnel: blue}

{Rollin' around and gettin' dirty at the fourth color tunnel: pink}

{Olivia and Mackenzie at the final color toss}

{Color run swagg}

Although the event was a few days ago, I still have The Color Run powder in random nooks like in my ear and on my scalp. I don't mind though. It was so worth it!
*Thanks to Mackenzie and Olivia for some of the photos!

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