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The Better Martha Returns with Thanksgiving Snapshots

December 23, 2012

I know it has been nearly a month since I last made a post. I can't believe it! I have my first semester of college under my belt and let me tell you it was no easy feat. Everything was smooth sailing until I came down with a horrible bug in November that I'm just getting over. It was so horrendous that it sent me to the ER late at night-no fun. I'm back and better than ever, but I feel horrible for not getting to make posts about Thanksgiving, my birthday, and the Christmas countdown. 

Anyway, here are some long overdue Thanksgiving snapshots. It was a particularly difficult holiday for me. I so desperately wanted to fly back home to California, but the airfare and travel time were too much to justify a few days at home. Instead I spent Turkey Day with my sister at her boyfriend's family's house which was totally worth staying on the east coast for. 

{The Better Sister lights dining room candles}
{Fancy cheese and fruit platter}
{The dining room table all filled}
{Carbs! Nom!}
{Rotisserie turkey cooking on the grill} 
{Snazzy table setting}
{Picture from helping my sister set up her Ebay store--link to be posted soon}
{Day after Thanksgiving pancakes}

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