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The Better Martha Tries Liz's Blueberry Tart

January 03, 2013

Happy new year everyone! Can you believe it's 2013? It sounds so futuristic. To be perfectly honest I'm a little let down; where is my jetpack? I'd thought we'd be in hover cars by now! Disappointment aside, I created this blueberry tart when I was struck with a 2am urge to bake. I kept in mind that everyone is beginning their resolutions and trying to stay healthy so I chose a delicious sour cream tart with a buttery crust; it has some fruit on top so it's totally healthy, right? 
I'm so mad that I forgot to spray the foil with Pam! Granted it was around 3:30 in the morning so my mind was not at its sharpest, but still, I prefer smooth edges.
For tarts and lemon bars I always line the pan with foil so I can lift the dessert out with ease. This system is great because it makes clean up a snap and slicing easier when the dessert is not in a dish. 


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