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The Better Martha Stays In With Netflix

April 12, 2013


I am officially one month away from finishing my first year of college--mind boggling! As exciting as it is, the visible finish line is also a signal of finals. I take school very seriously, so it means spending evenings in the library and turning in early with a movie before bed. Though my parents offered to buy me a TV for my room I opted not to have one; it would just result in me staying up until 4 in the morning watching NCIS marathons. In my TV-less state, Netflix has been my savior. Here is what I have been watching (and loving) lately. 

Life is Beautiful: Unique mixture of comedy and tragedy that will leave you with a bittersweet feeling.

First Position:  I love seeing young people hard at work. This will make you feel like you've done nothing with your life.

Clueless: Frivolous entertainment at its finest. My sister was a child of the late 80s and I'm a child of the 90s so this was a must in my household. 

Dual Survival: A Discovery Channel TV show that follows two survival experts in harsh environments all over the world. Seriously addicting. 

The Buried Life: Warning this show will make you want to quit your job and road trip while crossing off all your bucket list items. 

Louie: A fictionalized life of comedian Louie C.K. Most of the humor comes from his sad, ordinary life. (Be warned that his humor is rather crass at times).

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