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The Better Martha Is Back with Big News

May 14, 2013

This past week has been utterly exhausting. Between studying for finals, packing up my dorm, and traveling, I've barely been able to sit down and catch my breath. Although I have a busy summer planned, I'm so glad to be going back to sunny California; the long east coast winter has been too much for me to handle. But on a separate note I have some crazy exciting news to share with you all! 
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This coming fall I'm not returning to Connecticut for school. I have decided to change things up and am headed to New York City! I'm officially a Barnard woman! The big city is defiantly a huge change. There is so much for me to learn, and I have never been so excited! But before it's time for me to fly to NYC in the fall, I have a summer of great posts planned. Happy summer everyone!


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