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The Better Infinity Scarf

November 12, 2011

To all you east coasters and cold climate creatures, I salute you. Your ability to deal with frozen toes astounds me. It’s a freezing 59 degrees today in Los Angeles and I’m ready to give up all activities for the sake of staying under my down comforter. I’m only able to go out because this weather lends itself to a certain kind of attire—coats, boots, and gloves! While this may seem like old potatoes to some of you, this is a rare experience for me.  I even got to break out the infinity scarf my sister crocheted for me!
Oh how my neck is toasty warm! The infinity scarf is much more practical than a normal scarf. As I run through the rain to get to my car, I don’t have to worry about it being swept away by an angry gust of wind. 


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