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Lemonade and Dessert Party: Part II

August 19, 2012

I often use a combination of Paperless Post and Facebook to send invites to my guests. While real invitations sent via snail mail are my favorite choice, I prefer to save money here, and reinvest it elsewhere. When you decide on a date and time, be cognizant of how much food you are preparing. I decided that an afternoon party would be best as to allow me time for morning preparations.  
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Choosing the recipes and making the grocery list is probably the most tedious and time consuming part of pre-cooking preparation. It is important to print out (or photocopy from books) the recipes that you will be making. Not only does this save your cookbooks and laptop from kitchen splatters, but it also an easy way to keep everything at your finger tips. Next, go through your recipes and calculate how much of everything you will need (i.e 50 eggs, 12 lbs sugar, 1 L buttermilk). Check, double check, and triple check your list. Doing so will help you avoid multiple trips to the store for the small items you forgot to write down. I also suggest that you make you list at least a week prior so that you don'g leave anything off due to a frazzled state of mind.

Create a schedule and try your hardest to stick to it. I did, and it helped me stay calm when it seemed the amount of work left to do was overwhelming. But most importantly expect that one or two things will not go as you planned. The day before the party I was insistent upon having pink and white paper straws. I ended up spending hours driving around town and calling all over only to be disappointed. It happens. 

The freezer is going to be your best friend. Cakes, frosting, and other treats (like lemon bars, brownies, and rice crispy treats) freeze very well when wrapped in plastic wrap or stored in Zip Lock bags. It is your only hope of getting everything done on time and keeping it fresh. 


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