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The Better Way to Impress with Chocolate Cake

August 28, 2012

This is a surefire way to knock everyones cashmere-wool blend socks off. Not only is this cake seriously the most moist hydrated cake out there, but it is so sophisticated. I mean just look at it! I wasn't too surprised when my guests were reluctant to cut into it. But honestly, any care of ruining it's beauty goes out the door when you cut into it and see the yummy layers of chocolate cake bound by chocolate frosting.
Both the curled chocolate sticks and the duo chocolate shavings were purchased at my local cake decor/candy making shop. The ribbon adds an extra luxe touch, and serves as reassurance that the chocolate sticks won't fall off unceremoniously. 
I was originally planning on saving this decorating technique for another day, but I didn't frost my cake too well, and this was the perfect way to hide it. Since the frosting was already dry to the touch, I took my spatula, dipped it in warm water and then patted the sides of the cake so the chocolate sticks would attach to the cake.


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