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The Better Martha's Dorm: Part II

October 24, 2012

Organization and Storage

This post is dedicated to the organization and small details that make my room extra special. Since I'm living here for most of the year it makes sense that I put in the effort to making my environment feel like home.

{Favorite things: comfy chair, potted plants, family photos}
IMG_0417 Under the bed
{A peek under my bed. So many essential items that are not to pretty to look at are here.}
{Closet top level: sweatshirts, detergent, tupperware. Mid level: Clothes, scarves, belts. Bottom level: shoes}
{Command hooks for bags and Martha Stewart storage boxes for food}
IMG_0430 IMG_0428
{Storage seating that holds snacks and serves as a stepping stool to get on to raised bed}

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  1. I LOVE the way your dorm looks. I wish I were this creative back when I lived in a dorm. I never even thought of special curtains or cool lighting.


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