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The Better Martha's Dorm: Part III

October 31, 2012

It's All in the Details

Since paint is an obvious no-no, I hung two pink curtains for a pop of color. Dorm floors are never welcoming so this *PBteen rug is a great way to make the room more inviting. To hide the unsightly things I store under my bed I tucked a window curtain horizontally between my bed and mattress; it's an excellent way to create a makeshift bed skirt. 
{Framed artwork and potted plants add a bit more color and life to the room}
{A canvas picture of Diana Ross and the Supremes. It was a big investment but totally worth it}
{When my room mate is sleeping I like to put this scarf over my lamp to keep the light level down}
{Monogramed Pottery Barn towels}
{Custom shower caddy and flip flops--a lovely gift from my brothers girlfriend}
{Plates and cutlery from Target}
Since I'm not allowed to take furniture out of my dorm, replacing my chair wasn't an option. Folding a blanket over it and adding a pillow makes it more decorative and comfortable. 
IMG_0357 IMG_0352
The Real Simple slim hangers are the greatest thing to ever exist. My clothes don't slip because of the velvet texture, and the hooks in front allow you to stack clothes to save room.

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