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The Better Healthy Pancakes (No Sugar, No Flour, & Only 2 Ingredients)

June 06, 2013

healthy flourless pancakes
When I was first told it was possible to make flourless, sugarless pancakes with only two ingredients my initial response was "What two ingredients? My imagination and a cup of air?" Since the recipe was suspiciously simple I decided to try it so I could erase any lingering curiosity. BOY OH BOY! I can't express how much I am in love with this recipe. No sugar, no flour, no preservatives, nothing out of a box, and the ingredients are always on hand. One banana and two eggs mixed in a blender is all you need for a batch of pancakes that won't leave you mentally calculating how much time you need to spend on the treadmill. Even if you are not a big banana lover (which I'm not) they are still enjoyable because the flavor is really light, and the texture is like a moist cake.  
Bananas Pancakes Step 1 and 2 with writing spray pour and flip with text 
Pancakes Brightened
I am so excited to experiment with this recipe by adding different extracts and fruit to  the batter!

for pancakes (1 serving)
1 large banana
2 eggs

1. Mix banana and eggs in blender (of course I used my NutriBullet) until smooth
2. Spray skillet with nonstick spray
3. Pour batter into skillet and cook on both sides (you know its time to flip when air bubbles arise on the uncooked side)
4. Serve with berries or spread lightly with honey

-To avoid some fat and cholesterol I used only one of the yolks from the eggs


  1. I am so making these, i love pancakes but being a diabetic i (try to)stay away from them because they are so high in carbs. Might have pancakes for lunch :)

  2. These are 2 ingredients I can eat and I they look delicious. I am going to try this recipe tomorrow morning! So creative! Thank you!


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