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June 30, 2013

I am a total font junkie. It has actually become a bit of a problem because navigating my font list requires major patience. I intended to select 25 of my favorites, but after hours  of whittling my top choices down to 28 I threw my hands up and gave in.  The best thing about these fonts is that they are all free, and you can get them by clicking their links below!
Fonts In Color
Always in My Heart/ Ever After/ Weston LF/ Learning Curve/ CK Caralyn/ Bodoni/ Little Days/ Matilde/ English Essay/ Nautik/ Egregio Script/ Courier New/ A Gentle Touch/ Amatic/ Parisienne/ KG Skinny Latte/ Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded/ Clipper Script/ Windsor/ Castro Script/ MTF Epic/ Arsenale White/ DK Carte Blanche/ Janda Elegant Handwriting/ Return to Sender/ Sachiko/ Dubiel/ Simplicity

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