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The Better DIY: Ombre Sneakers

February 26, 2014

DIY ombre sneakers
Time to get down and crafty, my friends. Earlier this week I was in Payless searching for a simple and cheap pair of black ballet flats. While I didn't find anything I was looking for, I did stumble upon a pair of white Ked look-a-likes that were about $11 (can I get a whoop whoop). In this cold New York weather, I was instantly reminded of the California heat that calls for sundresses and Keds 365 days of the year. 
Payless Sneakers
White "Keds" is a particular no-no in the city of dirty subway stations and questionable street puddles; this was the perfect time to try some dip-dye/ombre techniques. It was so much fun and super simple. Here's how I did it: 
Step 1- Apply Vaseline
1: The first step was to remove the shoelaces and coat the edging with petroleum jelly so the dye doesn't stain the rubber. The sneakers look best when they have crisp white detailing.

Step 3 Dip Shoes
2. Fill an adequate size bucket with water and pour some dye* in. For the first dip, you want to keep the color light. You'll have to guesstimate how much dye to put in because different dye brands and colors vary. 
3. Hold the shoes close together so that the ombre effect will start at the same place for each shoe, then begin your first dip going up near the heel of the shoe (each dip will get progressively closer to the toe).

Step 4-Final Dip
4. Between each dip, add more dye. The very last dip should be made using water that is most saturated with color.

After Final Dip
Step 5- Rinse
5. After dipping your shoes rinse them out so that extra dye washes off (if you skip this step dye will end up rubbing onto anything your shoes brush against). Make sure you rinse the shoes so that the water runs off from the lightest section at the heel to the darkest section at the toe.

Step 6- Rub Baking Soda Off
6. Almost done! Now it is time to remove the petroleum jelly. Using an old toothbrush rub baking soda onto the rubber edges. The petroleum jelly will begin to clump and fall off.

Voila. You got yourself some pretty kick ass sneaks. Time to parade around town in style...or if you're like me you can just cab it and admire your own handiwork. 

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