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The Better Martha Does Craft Time: Make Cupid's Arrow

February 06, 2014

This is one of my favorite Valentine's crafts because it's super cute and candy-less. My only warning is to be careful about how you distribute them. My friends didn't appreciate it when I ran up to them wielding an unidentifiable pointy object. They most certainly did not appreciate when I gave them (what I thought) was a cute love poke. Apparently, my love is very aggressive, and a poke of affection can resemble a spearing of the flesh if I'm not mindful. Anyway, scroll below to view the picture tutorial.
Cupidsarrow MATERIALS
1. Mod Podge// 2. Feathers// 3. White paint// 4. Glitter// 5. Construction paper// 6. Thread// 7. Scissors// 8. Paint brush// 9. Sharpie// 10. Dowels
Paint and Draw Cut heart glitter feathers Voila

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