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The Better Green Juice

May 11, 2014

green juice 1
Hey guys, guess what! I'm sick! Guess what (again) I'm also starting finals tomorrow! It's about the worst combination I could possibly imagine (way worse than orange juice after just brushing your teeth). I'm confident I'll survive because I've been getting plenty of rest and sucking down mason jars full of green juice. Also I have no other choice; I either get through it or fail. 
green juice 2
The stress of finals, the lack of sleep, the bad diet, and the germs of a college dorm all added up to this, so I don't know why I'm so surprised. If anything I wish this cold could have reared its ugly head a few days later. However, I started feeling better once I began downing as much fruit and veggie juice as I could possibly handle. Using fresh grapefruit, celery, cucumber,  broccoli, and spinach I've managed to make something pretty tasty that has amazing healing powers.  
green juice 3
If you use grapefruit, make sure to peel of the white parts between the sections. I personally like it (and it's really good for you) but most people I know say it creates a gross bitter taste.

green juice 4
If your juicing with a masticating juicer, make sure that you feed the produce in slowly so the auger doesn't get clogged like mine did
green juice 5
Columbia University now has a green initiative; the waste material is perfect for bringing down to the compost center
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