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The Better Milano Cookies

March 14, 2015

This post could also be named How I Told My Mom That I Dropped All the Cookies on the Floor and Thus Had Very Few to Spare, but that just seemed a little too lengthy. But it’s not my fault I ate most of them, they were just too yummy! When I lived in LA, I would read outside in my backyard with a bag of these cookies and a large mug of English Breakfast Tea, and it was paradise. Never would I imagine that perfection of Pepperidge Farms could be improved upon, but I’m so glad I was so wrong.
I love these cookies because they don’t require any fancy ingredients. And for something so delicious, you would expect them to take a lot more effort. Also, you will feel très sophistiqué when you serve them to your guests (or while you stuff them all in your face while watching Netflix).

Try making them for yourself, and see if you ever go back to store bought. Get the recipe here!

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