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The Better Trip to Austin, Tx: Part III

March 24, 2015

Though this post is titled as part iii of my trip to Austin, it would more accurately be titled “My Time In Austin: How I Ate Everything In Sight.” But I chose to go another way for consistency’s sake. Most of the activities that I took part in related to food in some way shape or form. And if it didn’t relate to food, it was just in-between entertainment while we were waiting to get hungry again so we could go to the next must-visit food truck. Here are pictures of things I digested.
Breakfast sirloin taco from Taco Deli
Shrimp taco from Torchy's

Nutty Valentine Donut from Gourdough's Donut Truck
Morning cocktails for poolside lounging
Being in a pool won't slow down my food consumption
Between taco stops, we visited another boot and clothing shop. Look at those adorable baby cowgirl boots! Prior to stopping for donuts, we stopped by a local bar to see some South By Southwest performers. It was lovely, but not as lovely as the donut I ate afterward.
Live band at a local dive bar

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