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7 Better Things From This Week

July 02, 2015

1. L’Appartment Living – This French blog focuses on food, home decor, and basically all things lifestyle. The pictures are stunning, and the content is inspiring. It’s written in French though, but I just use it as an opportunity to practice my reading comprehension.

2. Existational instagram account – This is one of my new favorite Instagram accounts. I’m obsessed with her adventurous travel photography that always makes me want to pack a suitcase and go somewhere. Her eye is amazing, and you can see more of her photos on her flickr account (which I stalk obsessively).

3.  The Talk of Shame podcast – This is one of the few podcasts I listen to that can actually elicit a physical response from me while I listen. Streeter invites a comedic guest on the show and they share one of their embarrassing stories, and at the end, a listener submitted story is read. I’m always dying of laughter or cringing in sympathetic embarrassment on my subway commute.

4. Late evening sunlight in my bedroom – My bedroom gets amazing light around 7pm. It’s so beautiful that most evenings I’ll just sit in bed listen to music and appreciate my view.

5. This BuzzFeed Bro-Dal Shower post – I’ve been loving the original content that BuzzFeed has been putting out lately. This bro-dal shower post is hilarious and so on point.

6. The stacks of free, pre-released books I get from work – One of the best perks of working for BuzzFeed is that publishers are constantly sending copies of books before they are released. When my boss told me the piles and piles of books were totally up for grabs I went home with two shopping bags overflowing with titles that won’t be released until August/September.
7. My new 24-70 f/2.8 II lens – I have been lusting after this lens forever, and it is finally mine. Up until now, I’ve only had prime lenses, which have served me well, and which I still really love. However, I’m traveling more and wanted a lens that would be a bit more versatile so I wouldn’t have to carry around my 50mm and 35mm everywhere I go.

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