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The Better Medicine Cabinets

July 06, 2015

I’m a total snoop. I know it’s bad quality, and most of the time I try and suppress it. However, the NY Mag totally appealed to me when they posted this article about peeking into medicine cabinets of various New Yorkers. I think it’s a pretty good look into the daily lives of people–and it’s also a good way to assess how high maintenance someone is.
This is what the inside of my cabinet looks like. I pinky promise that this is what it always looks like. You can just ask my roommate sister (roomister? sistermate?)
For those that care
Top shelf: Birth control, perfume, coconut oil, Mia face cleanser
Middle shelf: Hair moisturizer, toothpaste, eye cream, day moisturizer, night moisturizer, cleanser, sunscreen, toner, floss, deodorant
Bottom Shelf: Toothbrush, body lotion, mouthwash, make-upand brushes.


 Bobby Doherty for NY Mag
The lifestyle of a model is so outrageous and abnormal, that it’s nice to be reminded that on some basic levels they are totally normal. They too need Pepto-Bismol!

 Bobby Doherty for NY Mag
An insane amount of natural oils and concoctions... and then false lashes and nails in the bottom corner. Look me in the eye and tell me you're not intrigued!

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