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The Better S'morkie

December 30, 2011


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Wow! I know everyone is saying it, but I can’t believe that another year has passed so quickly. I remember when 2012 sounded so futuristic and far off, but now it is just around the corner waiting to tap me on the shoulder. This new year has so much in store for me, and I am more than excited. I will be going into my fourth year as a blogger, I’ll be saying goodbye to all the people from high school, and hello to all the new people I will meet when I move to college. I’ve always been a person that enjoys a change in her routine, and I know this coming year will bring many. For sure I will continue to widen my baking horizons and create delicious recipes like the S’morkie (which my friend Julie cleverly named).
Thank you to all my lovely readers, and I hope each of you has a wonderful new year.

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