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The Better Mini Sandwiches

September 17, 2012

I've said it before and I'll say it again with just as much conviction: everything tastes better in mini form. I've known this since I was in pre-schoo,l and my refined toddler pallet had a preference for petite finger food with no crust. Fast forward 15 years and still, not much has changed. I made two varieties the classic PB&J and a BLT. Both of which were taken to new levels of sophistication by their small size. 
To get the perfect sized bred rounds I used a mini cup, also seen in this post.
However, be warned that doing this does result in a lot of excess bread. I felt bad about tossing it so I saved it in a plastic bag and will be using it later for bread pudding. Resourceful? I think so.
A mandolin is key here for slicing the tomato. Usually I'm a fan of the big, thick slices on sandwiches and burgers, but those kinds of tomato slices have no place on a mini sandwich. Every thing here is about being cute and delicate.

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