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The Better Way to Get Dressed in a Pinch

September 27, 2012

Class has been in session for one month, and the days of me waking up an hour in advance to get ready are already long gone. It's because I'm far too lazy busy dedicating every extra minute to studying. But anyway, I have perfected my recipe for getting dressed in the morning; it takes less than 20 minutes and I still manage to look presentable to the public.
Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 11.09.18 PM
On most days I select a pair of jeans, a button down, a cardigan, and a light vest or jacket. Keeping most things neutral and accessories simple also helps to speed up the process. My large Michael Kors bag serves as my backpack; my watch is necessary for calculating how much more of a boring class I have to suffer through; and the aviators hide lack of sleep/an unmade-up face. 
I would just like to say that I did own a pair of smoking slippers long before I saw them in the magazines. They are a classic comfort, but I hate looking like I'm following a trend. Therefore I hope the smoking slipper fad dies quickly.

Do you guys have tips for getting dressed in a pinch?


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