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Styled with Clara: A Better Fashion Post

March 16, 2014

First Image
If you haven't realized by now, I only like to befriend people who are adorably stylish and who have bangs. Clara and I have been meaning to take photos for the longest time, but the harsh New York weather has made the idea increasingly unpleasant.
Clara's Coat
Coat from Macy's

At first, we tried the outside thing. It was not fun. The "warm" 40-degree weather doesn't feel too warm after five minutes so we relocated indoors to our school's gorgeous student center.
More worrisome than Clara's addiction to coffee is her addiction to Madewell

Also on a totally non-fashion-related note, how great is this gif! I finally learned how to make one in photoshop, and I'm obsessed. If I didn't restrain myself, this entire post would look like the Vegas strip flashing and blinking all over the place. 
Clara's So Cute
Clara is that kind of annoying person who always has it together and makes you think, "How...just how?" She's the person that completes all the assigned readings and breezes into class looking flawless even if she was up late the night before writing a paper. Basically, she is superwoman.  Sorry Deborah Spar, your theory has been proven incorrect.
Clara's Typewriter Neckalce
typewriter necklace

Clara Sitting on Steps Clara Arms Crossed
Shooting with her was so much fun! There was a significant portion of photos that turned out blurry because I was shaking too much from laughter. Keep an eye out for more posts with Clara. Her closet is infinitely filled with treasures so there will be more to come!

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