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The Better Roasted Broccoli

March 19, 2014

the best roasted broccoli 
This method for cooking broccoli has turned me into a brocoholic (aren't I just hilarious?) Overcooking and under-seasoning a vegetable is the most heinous crime a person can commit, and this method creates a foolproof solution.  Ever since I started cooking broccoli like this, I refuse to eat it any other way; it has become one of my staple side dishes. Sometimes I'll even eat a big bowl of it as an entrée. 
crispy edges
My favorite part about this roasted broccoli is the way the florets get crispy, salty edges, and the stems become tender and meaty. Yeah, I said it, my broccoli has a tenderness that rivals an expertly cooked slab of meat. 
Dry Broccoli 
To start, you want to make sure the broccoli is completely dry. I personally don't wash it because I know it's going in the oven so the germs don't freak me out. However, if you are really crazy about washing your veggies, then make sure you pat them dry completely. If there is water left on them they will steam in the oven and become soft rather than crisp.
Spray Broccoli 
Next, you'll want to spritz with a cooking spray or drizzle lightly with olive oil. 

Toss Borccoli with Salt and Garlic 
All you need to do is add some salt, pepper, and fresh garlic. If you want to walk on the dangerous side of life, then go ahead and toss in some parmesan. Ooh, you so wild! When you put them on the baking sheet making sure to spread them out. They like having their personal space from each other. Once again this helps make sure they come out with those beautiful, crisp edges. After 15 minutes (approximately  4 Beyoncé tracks) at 425℉ in the oven you should get something that looks as glorious as this: 
 Broccoli in Bowl
Now eat your heart out because you just made yourself some damn good broccoli!


  1. Awesomemenisque! I will definitely try this out. Which do you prefer, cooking spray or olive oil? Gracias! ♥

  2. What is the baking temperature?

  3. I love making roasted brocoli! I am going to try this MUCH simpler version! I love your style too! :)

  4. Really enjoyed reading this wee post, will give this method a try! Loved your style of writing too, makes me feel like anybody (including me) can be a good cook!


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