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The Better Dorm Room Fete

March 13, 2014

anatomy of a tuesday food tray copy
The stress level at Barnard/Columbia is unreal. Even more unreal is the stress level during midterms. My best friend, Ellie and I just finished our exams on Tuesday. Although a  grand celebration would be perfectly reasonable, we were too exhausted for anything that did not involve sweatpants. Thus we had a petite fête in my dorm room that involved a tray of delicious goods and Iggy Azelia blasting from my speakers.
food tray
I had all these items on hand so I thought, "Why not?" I still can't decide if my overstocked dorm fridge is a source of pride or embarrassment for me. I suppose this is the one area where I truly deserve my self appointed Martha title. 
ellie holding cookie

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