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The Better Snapshots from My Easter

April 22, 2014

Inside Easter Basket
a peek inside my Easter basket

As a child, my Easters were filled with country club brunches, Easter egg hunts, and more chocolate and sugar than my four-foot body could process. It's been quite some time since I partook in the classic celebration. Once I figured out there was no Easter Bunny my mom was grateful that the holiday no longer required such strategic planning. 
This Easter, however, was a total throwback to the days of chocolate bunnies and egg hunts on the front lawn. My sister's boyfriend's mom invited me to the festivities, and I have never been so happy to accept an invitation. Mama G knows how to do it right. Here are a few snapshots from the most glorious Easter I've had in years. 
Canine Pal
my new best pal
Coconut Cupcakes
Shrimp Skewer
grilled shrimp skewers
Easter Arrangement
flower arrangements
French Toast Casserole Slice of French Toast Casserole
french toast casserole}
Piggie Sittin Cool
a wooden pig that somehow became the center of attention

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