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The Better Instas of April

April 28, 2014

April in Instas
(left to right)
1. I wrote a short tactile children's book as a community service contribution for blind children.
2. Came up with a cute and creative manicure idea while listening to an audiobook (and avoiding my homework).
3. Columbia's spring concert was a fun way to welcome the spring weather.
4. Fashion Institute first-year students displayed their class projects in the campus museum. It was amazing.
5. I became an official, initiated member of Delta Gamma. I love my ΔΓ sisters!
6. I made a cake in the middle of the week for fun.
7. There was a great BBQ on our school lawn. It was so nice to break out the sunglasses and lounge under the magnolia tree. 
8. I made a roasted rosemary, garlic chicken and for the first time bothered to learn how to truss. Such a great, worthwhile skill to have. 

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