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The Better DIY: Dip-Dyed Anthropologie Pillow

June 02, 2014

Antrho pillows
My theory is that Anthopologie's home goods section is so popular because everything looks like it was made by the most talented and crafty person. With a few trips to Anthro, you can make your space look like you have a really sweet grandma with a wonderful eye for picking patterns and an unlimited amount of time to supply you with the most adorable quilts and throw pillows. 
Cut the fabric
Unfortunately, most of this charm comes at a not-too-charming price, and thus I decided to give it a go at making my own pillows for a fraction of the price. It was pretty easy since I used a sewing machine, but it could have easily been created by hand stitching. 
Sew sew sew
Teal Rit Dye
The water to dye ratio depends on how saturated you want the colors to be on your pillow. Play around with this, but remember to slowly add dye to achieve the color saturation you desire. Also, be mindful that when you rinse the fabric the colors will fade. 

 Squeeze Washing out the dye
When you rinse excess dye off the fabric, make sure that the water runs from the top (where the color is the lightest) to the bottom (where the color is the darkest) so you don't ruin the ombre effect. 
Hang to DryMyDIY

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