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The Better Way to Kickoff the Summer

June 04, 2014

Summer has officially started now that I have completed all my finals and moved out of my dorm (who knew moving was that exhausting?) the fun can begin. To kick off the season of no homework and fun nights out, I spent some time with Mama G in Pennsylvania. 
We had many cappuccinos
cheesemore cheese!
hanging meat
Visited the Italian market in Philly and stocked up for all the cheese plates we made

We visited a kitchen store bursting with various extracts. I even bought a 32 oz bottle of Vanilla extract
spice shop 
We visited a spice market
We bought fresh veggies from the outdoor markets
Samantha Jones 
We ate lunch on the beach and I pretended to be Samantha Jones
Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 6.01.15 PM copy
We took drives by the river with the top down
nursery flowers
We bought flowers at the most adorable boutique nursery

Mama G has taught me that you can't always slave away working and being Dobby the house elf. Sometimes life calls for some luxury and frivolity. 

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