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The Better Podcasts I'm Currently Listening To

April 09, 2015

1. IF I WERE YOU SHOW: An advice podcast where people write in with their life problems and then the hosts proceed to give their advice. Rarely helpful, always funny. They can get pretty vulgar, so I never listen when my mom is around. 

2. THROWING SHADE: Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi are a hilarious duo who discuss all things women's issues and gay rights. Informative, funny, and original; this is one of my favorites.

3. THE MOTH: Everyone has a story to tell, and The Moth podcast proves that if you're intrigued by the art of storytelling this is for you.

4. HOW TO DO EVERYTHING: Mike and Ian answer questions big and small. From how to eat more on Thanksgiving day, to how to find water in a desert, to the best way to peel a banana. These guys are on it. Informative and highly entertaining.

5. STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW: Every episode Chuck and Mike pick a topic and explain it with great detail. If you ever wondered how subways work or what body farms are, take a listen and you will become the best dinner party conversationalist to ever exist. 

6. MILLENNIAL: A new podcast from the people who made some of my favorite podcasts when I was in high school. This show humorously discusses pop culture and informatively covers news and politics in a way I can actually follow.

7. ASK ME ANOTHER: A game show in a podcast is the best way I can describe this. Be wary if you listen to this while commuting on the subway. When you shout out answers in triumph, people will be perplexed and frightened.

Tell me, what podcasts are staples for you?

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