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The Better Corn Dog Bite

June 06, 2012

I will just come out and admit it, I have a serious fear of frying foods. When you think about it, it's not that irrational, I mean a big pot of hot oil just waiting to burn your face off with one wrong splatter? Can you really call me crazy? But it's funny how a serious craving for corn dogs was all I needed to get over the possibility of third degree burns. Huh...
Luckily the creation of this deliciousness did not result in the trip to the the burn unit, but after eating a few too many, the chances of me needing to see a cardiologist have increased exponentially. 
IMG_8695 IMG_8692 IMG_8756
The recipe I used was taken from the wonderful blog A Cozy Kitchen.
However, instead of dropping the battered hot dogs into the oil, I recommend you keep them on wooden skewers. I found this to be a better method because it allows me to keep them rotating and completely submerged so  they cook evenly. 
For the sake of my waist line I'm very thankful that frying food is so inconvenient. As soon as I popped a mini corn dog in my mouth, I thought something along the lines of "HOLY MOLY THIS IS DELICOUS!" and then thoughts of what else I could deep fry came to mind: french toast, battered cheese, eggplant... oh the endless possibilities. On the downside my entire house now smells like a McDonald's kitchen.
Summer is right around the corner, and of course, that means plenty of unnecessary parties (my favorite kind). Left on the skewer, these would be fantastic for guests to dip in their condiment of choice. 


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