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The Better Martha Goes Glamping: Part I

June 15, 2012

Before graduation, I had the pleasure of going on my senior outdoor education trip. Nothing beats the fun of no showers, no washing machine, and no toilet. I'm totally joking. That part wasn't fun at all. However it was worth going all primitive for the quality time spent with friends. It was oddly refreshing to be in a place where there wasn't smog or traffic, and where people weren't incessantly checking their tweeting, beeping, and flashing devices. Since I am The Better Martha, a guide on glamping is an obligatory post after my recent trip.

{Grocery shopping}
{A busy kitchen is a messy kitchen}

An array of camping snacks
After hours of hiking, rock climbing, kayaking,  and tanning  sustenance is a must. The best snacks don't require utensils, won't melt and are travel friendly. Pictured above are the various snacks that I brought along. Everything on the far left was bought in bulk from Costco before I placed them into individual serving sizes. Not only does this help when everyone is on the go, but I have serious problems with people sticking grubby fingers into a family size bag of pretzels. This gets rid of that problem entirely. 

Who says when in the wilderness you must be reduced to a oatmeal and ramen noodle diet? This is why camping is overrated, and glamping is more my style. Since every food group (4-10 people) brings along a few pans and a camping stove, you are only limited by your imagination.

{Chili in the making}
{S'morkies in the making}
{On this particular night the dinner theme was kindergarten. Mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, and tater tots were enjoyed}
With a little good amount of prep work before we departed our group was able to enjoy cheesecake, garlic bread, and pancakes without having the convenience of a full kitchen.  By cooking, freezing, and storing in a cooler, dinner time was simply a matter of throwing something in a pan or heating on a skillet. Take a look at our favorite meals here.

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