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The Better Sparkly Nails & College Prep

June 01, 2012

Screen shot 2012-05-24 at 2.43.13 PM
Today as I was pulling out all my gear to give myself a manicure, my friend Shana sent me a text informing me of how lucky I was that I didn't have to sit through the French final review (seniors don't take end of the year exams at my school). And like a not very good friend, I laughed! It made me giddy that I had already put in my four years of hard work, and  while others are toiling away prepping for finals, I was sitting home drinking iced tea, listening to music, and trimming my cuticles. 
Since summer is running our way, I thought I'd go for a bright white polish. It looked so fresh against my ruffle neck polo dress.
glitter and top coat
Then I saw the bottle of pink glitter Bestie brought me back from Korea, and decided to spice things up.
KAPOW! It's like 5th grade Valentine crafting all over again!
IMG_8887 IMG_8895
I also did some light reading as my nails dried. My beyond sweet English teacher saw U Chic in a book store, thought of me, and bought it as a just because gift. Isn't she the greatest? I must say from what I've read the book is clever, and the tips seem very practical.  
A Restoration Hardware catalogue for baby and child came, and I'm really loving some of their duvet covers for my dorm. I'm aware that it's a bit decadent for a college dorm room, and that their stuff is generally meant for the under 14 set, but hey, YOLO.


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