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The Better Martha Chops It Off!

June 30, 2012

Get ready for the most narcassistic post you will ever find on my blog. But I did something pretty major so I have to share it with you all! I chopped off most of my hair!!! For the last year or so I have progressively been cutting it shorter and shorter (much to my parents dismay) because I hate washing and straightening long hair so I decided to say bye-bye to my long tresses and my flat iron. I'm a curly girl now!
{Long hair, bob, bob with short back long front, curly top}
In all honesty, I'm actually prepared to go even shorter like her, but my parents weren't having it. Hehehe! I'll be leaving for college in two months... I may just get very scissor happy when I'm away from home! #teenagerebellion 

To read more about why I cut my here click here.


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