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July 09, 2013

Since we all can use a little bit of a break from reality television (admit it we all have a few too many Real Housewive episodes on our DVR) I have decided to start a The Better Martha book club. For now I'm hoping to do about two books a month and update with a summary and review. 
Monique's book Club copy

The first pick for the month of July is (drum roll please)...
July Books Selection
It was just released today so everyone can run out and get a copy. I've had the pleasure of reading some of Taylor Reid's unpublished work and I absolutely loved it. Forever, Interrupted is her debut novel, and it is already getting some fantastic reviews on Goodreads. You can order a hard copy or a kindle edition here. Happy reading!

* REVIEW UPDATE (7/12/2013)
It is inconceivably rare that I come across any novel that bring me to tears or gives me some greater perspective on life that I will carry with me long after the last page is read and the book has been put back on my shelf. Forever, Interrupted is the story of Elsie, a woman who meets and quickly marries the love of her life, only to lose him in a fatal accident ten days later. She then has to explain her marriage to the mother-in-law she's never met. As they both come to terms with the great misfortune fate has handed them, they lean on each other for support while learning to stand on their own two feet without the person they love the most.  I find most novels that strive for the feelings Forever, Interrupted evokes often hit a note that is too sappy and one dimensional to elicit any real emotion from me. Reid does a beautiful job of weaving a sad tale with threads of humor that will make you smile before reaching for anther tissue. This novel does a spectacular job of teaching the difference between moving forward and forgetting when the people you love are no longer by your side. Taylor Jenkins Reid has made quite an impression with her debut novel and I can't wait to see what is next to come from this author.

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